Colourful Wedding Fascinator for Ali


1. Was your headpiece crafted for a special event?

Yes, I was looking for a headpiece I could wear to a wedding. I took my dress into Sue and she designed by fascinator around the style of my dress.


2. Did you have any specific requirements for your wedding hat? 

My dress was a plain cobalt blue so I wanted a wedding hat that would both "lift" the whole look of the outfit and act as a centrepiece or a statement accessory. At the same time, I also needed something that was appropriate for an indoor, fairly small wedding. I usually prefer huge hats so I really appreciated having Sue's guidance on suitable styles. She also helped me decide on my other accessories, which was really helpful.


3. What was your involvement in the hat making process?

Honestly, it was really quick and simple. Sue saw my dress and she immediately knew what was right. We played with a few ideas until we agreed on the perfect matching hat and that was all in our first meeting. I met her one more time to try on the headpiece - it couldn't have been easier or more successful.


4. How did you feel wearing your headpiece?

Terrific - it was perfect for the occasion.


5. What have other people said about your headpiece?

Everybody who commented thought that it was wonderful, and the perfect accessory.


6. Will you use Sue Wood Millinery again?

Without a doubt!