Sue Wood Millinery Makes Victorian Hat For Mayor of Neston

At the beginning of December, I travelled back to Victorian times for the second Neston Christmas Festival. The event was organised by Neston Town Council in partnership with Neston Rotary Club and Neston & District Churches Together. I was delighted to be asked along to give a talk about hats an...

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Saint Catherine and the Rise of the Unmarried Women

Each year, the 25th of November marks St Catherine's Day. A historical figure from the fourth century, Saint Catherine of Alexandria is the patron saint of lace-makers, spinsters, milliners and couture. The story goes like this ... Catherine saw a vision of the Madonna and Child who persuaded...

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Why recycle when you can upcycle?

  What is upcycling? The Oxford Dictionary defines upcycling as the action of “reusing discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original”. It is in fact a relatively new term, albeit not a new concept. It was coined in 1994 by Germa...

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