Sentimental Vintage Hat Replication for Declan


1. Was your hat crafted for a special event?

In a way, yes. I had the hat made by Sue Wood Millinery as a Christmas gift for a friend. 


2. Did you have any specific requirements for your hat? 

I wanted the hat to replicate the hat my grandmother, Ami, was wearing in a very old photo. The photo is from the 1940s and she is standing with my grandfather. I had put the photo on Facebook. My friend had seen it and really liked it.

Then one day, I was walking past a hairdressing salon in Irby and saw some Sue Wood Millinery work in the window so I asked for a contact number. It was a spur of the moment impulse to see if she could re-produce the hat from the photo so I could give it to my friend as a gift.


3. What was your involvement in the hat making process?

I probably met with Sue Wood Millinery twice during the process. We discussed the basic shape and options. I only had one photo of the hat so it was difficult to get an overall feel for the shape from the single angle we could see in the photo! We met a final time when I came to collect the hat.


4. What have other people said about your headpiece?

My friend loved it. We haven’t caught up in a while, it’s living in Berlin now, that’s where she is last time I heard.


5. Will you use Sue Wood Millinery again?

If I ever needed another bespoke hat, yes :)