Purple Mother of the Bride Hat for Vicki


1. Was your headpiece crafted for a special event?

My beautiful hat was made for me to wear to my daughter's wedding. I didn't really want to wear a hat because I lack confidence and did not want to stand out. Also, I have a smaller than average head so I have never been able to find a hat that fits me properly. However, I knew that the groom's mother was wearing a hat and my daughter was desperate for me to wear one too.


2. Did you have any specific requirements for your mother of the bride hat?

I just wanted the hat to match the outfit I was wearing. Sue worked tirelessly mixing different dyes together and managed to create a perfect match. As you can imagine I was delighted!


3. What was your involvement in the hat making process?

At my first meeting with Sue, she tried several different styles of hats on me. Sue is so professional in what she does that she knew immediately the styles that suited me and those that didn't. I had no idea at all but trusted Sue implicitly. We had several consultations over the time it took Sue to make my hat. She always listened carefully, allayed all my fears and created something I loved.


4. How did you feel wearing your hat?

I felt extremely confident wearing my hat. The colour matched my outfit superbly, the shape and size of the hat was perfect. I couldn't have been happier.


5. What did other people say about your hat?

I received so many compliments on the day of the wedding that I lost count. The best compliment of all came from a colleague of my daughters. She said I looked amazing and that I knew how to do "mother of the bride" with glamour and finesse.


6. How did you find working with Sue Wood Millinery?

I loved chatting with Sue at our consultations. She listened carefully to what I wanted, was full of enthusiasm whilst suggesting many creative and original ideas. She was also extremely patient with me and guided me in lovely, personable way.


7. Will you use Sue Wood Millinery again?

I will definitely work with Sue again, she is such a creative and talented milliner. I worked with Sue over the spring of 2013 and can't wait for my second daughter's wedding so I can wear another of her gorgeous designs.