Two Mother of the Bride Hats for Lynne


1. Was your bespoke hat crafted for a special event? 

Yes, I have been lucky enough to work with Sue twice. On both occasions, I was looking for bespoke Mother of the Bride hats. I had an amazing time working out the designs and trying on different shapes and styles of hat to find just the right one for each special occasion.


2. Did you have any specific requirements for your mother of the bride hat? 

In both cases, I had specific requirements to which Sue was very attentive, whilst also giving me her professional advice on how my ideas could be improved on and adjusted. In the case of my eldest daughter’s winter wedding, I went for a 20’s inspired theme and needed a hat to match the coat for my outfit. 

I was a bit nervous as I was not a hat wearer and had always felt that there wasn’t a hat out there that would suit me so I wanted something small and understated. Sue listened carefully and understood my feelings but was determined to show me that there was a hat out there for me. What she gave me was a hat that was understated but exquisite and she was able to use the same fabric from my coat and dress to make and trim my hat. 

By the time my younger daughter got married I was a converted hat wearer and I wanted something that was a bit more of a statement piece. Again, Sue found the perfect brim size and shape for me and used fabric from the jacket I had made to trim the hat


3. Please tell us about your involvement in the hat-making process. 

On both occasions, I felt that I had input at all stages of the process. At the initial consultations, Sue discussed my requirements and talked through colours and shapes, taking into consideration how I would be styling my hair on the day. She showed me a range of hats she had made and examples of the techniques and trims that she could use. 

At the first meeting, I made some initial choices and tried on a variety of hat shapes and came to a decision about the shape, colour and design. At our second meeting, Sue fitted the hat she had blocked for me and made any adjustments to the fit. We also made final decisions about how the hats would be trimmed. 

At the third consultation, I tried on the hats which were completed and then Sue put the finishing touches on the hat. At our final meetings, I was able to try on the finished hats and practise getting them in the right position and at the right angle on my head.  The whole process was a great experience and working with someone so enthusiastic and knowledgeable was a joy.  I felt really confident in Sue’s ability to transform my initial vague ideas into the perfect hat.


4. How did you feel wearing your bespoke mother of the bride hat?

On both occasions I felt happy and confident with the hat I was wearing because it felt comfortable to wear and fitted perfectly.  No fussing and fiddling with it to make it feel secure and no worries about it falling off half way through the day! I also knew that each hat perfectly complemented and completed my outfit. 


5. What have other people said about your mother of the bride hats?

On both occasions, my bespoke mother of the bride hats received lots of compliments from friends and family. Many of them marvelling at how well they matched my outfit as well as how well they suited me! 


6. How did you find Sue Wood Millinery?

I got to know about Sue Wood Millinery through personal contacts. A friend of mine had a hat made by Sue and I knew if Sue could make a hat to suit her then she could do the same for me and I was right.


7. Will you use Sue Wood Millinery again?

I really hope that there will be another occasion when I can work with Sue.  One thing is for certain I will never get a hat from anyone else!