White Mother of the Bride Fascinator for Viv


1. Was your headpiece crafted for a special event?

My fascinator was created for my daughter's wedding. I had looked around for wedding fascinators but wasn’t finding anything suitable and it was getting close to the wedding. The fascinators I did find were £300 - £400 which was just too much so I googled “millinery Wirral”, found Sue, gave her a call and was invited along for a consultation.


2. Did you have any specific requirements?

I knew I wanted a fascinator, not a hat. I do like hats but I felt that a fascinator would match the style of my dress better. My dress was a nude / blush pink with white applique and a white jacket. It was my daughter, the bride, who suggested that I have a white headpiece.


3. What was your involvement in the hat-making process?

The first time I went to see Sue, I went with my daughter because she had a better idea of what to look for. That day, I was so tired that I couldn’t even think so I didn’t really give much away. Looking back, it must have been like pulling teeth. Poor Sue!

I went back on my own for the second session and Sue had put some great pieces together – especially considering that I hadn’t given her much to go on. I was able to choose what I liked or didn’t like. It was very straightforward and simple. I looked around the studio and got an idea of the sort of shapes that I liked, which was quite sculptural but delicate. My finished hat was decorated with quills, feathers, little pearls and sinamay flowers.


4. How did you feel wearing your headpiece?

On the big day, I actually got a lot of compliments. Quite a few people asked where I had got my fascinator from. At the end of June, I am going to another wedding and I will wear my Sue Wood Millinery fascinator again.

The whole experience was very nice. Sue was lovely, she was friendly and it was comfortable and I didn’t feel awkward. At that time, things were very busy and there was a lot to do so it was nice to be able to relax a bit. I knew I was in safe hands. I felt very confident after seeing the work that Sue had done. It was also great value!


white mother of the bride fascinator