Fascinator Making Workshop with Rebecca


1. Was your headpiece crafted for a special event? 

In a way it was. The day at Sue's fascinator making workshop was so that I could spend some time with my sister and mum. They are from Shrewsbury so it was a day out for them. Creating a fascinator was definitely a bonus!

2. Did you have any specific requirements for your headpiece?

I wanted my fascinator to be black and white as I tend to wear this colour quite a lot. Sue had plenty of materials and embellishments available for us to get creative with. Sue is great. She puts you are at ease and is very supportive and friendly.

3. How did you feel wearing your headpiece?

It makes me feel accomplished because I took simple materials in a raw state and with Sue's millinery expertise and guidance, I created something to be very proud of. Other people are also very taken with our creations!

Sue is relaxed and welcoming. She does not judge and puts you at ease. She gives 1:1 support and advice on how to improve your design without being overwhelming. Thank you for a very enjoyable morning!

Testimonial from Rebecca

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