Bowler Hat Restoration for Vicky & Andy


Andy and Vicky are part of a band called The Midwich Affair. Andy sings and plays bass. Vicky sings, plays the keyboard, plays guitar and rocks a bowler hat in every performance. It’s become her trademark but it’s also become synonymous with the band. It features in the band’s logo and on their merchandise.


Sadly, when the pubs and clubs closed because of coronavirus, The Midwich Affair (bowler hat included) was forced into hibernation. The hat was packed away in a soft bag and placed in a cupboard. After a few months of lockdown, it worked its way to the back of the cupboard - squashed by amps and guitars.


When Vicky came to retrieve it from the cupboard, she was really disappointed at what a sorry state it was in. There was damage to the rim and to the side. The hat had sentimental value so she didn’t want to simply replace it but she didn’t believe anything could be done to fix it.


Her partner, Andy, took it upon himself to find a way. “I’ll sort it,” he told her. After browsing the internet, he found Sue Wood Millinery and to his delight, Sue said she would be able to help. The brief was simply: rescue it, if you can.


Following a conversation about the damage and viewing photographs Andy posted the bowler hat to Sue. She steamed the beloved hat and straightened out the damaged brim by hand, reshaping the crown on a wooden bowler hat block and whilst it was on the block, she gave it a gentle clean to bring it back to its former glory. 


Sue said, "I was very pleased with the results and thrilled to bits to be able to play a part in giving this much loved hat a new lease of life."


When the hat was returned to Vicky, she thought it was wonderful. She couldn’t believe what had been achieved and said it looked like a brand new hat. She has not been able to wear it yet because of the coronavirus restrictions but she’s waiting for the opportunity to get back out there again and wear it!