Upcycle a Straw Hat

12 April 2019 10:00 - 16:00
The Grand Entrance to Birkenhead Park


Aims of the workshop

Learn to:

Reshape a preloved hat using traditional millinery methods

Measure head circumference for a perfect fit

Block/mould into chosen hat shape

Insert headband

Wire (if required)



Outline of the day

Welcome, coffee and introductions 

An introduction to millinery fabrics and tools 

Demonstration of blocking technique 

Measure head circumference 

Participants block their own hat 

Make headband(s) 


Wire brim (if appropriate) 

Insert headband 

Let your imagination run wild and trim/decorate your hat!



Outcomes of the Workshop

A unique preloved hat with a new lease of life, reflecting the personality of its creator

Acquisition of some traditional millinery skills


What you need to bring


Old hat (optional)

Packed Lunch


All equipment provided

There will be a selection of preloved straw hats to choose from, if you have a hat you want to remodel/upcycle you can bring your own hat

Free refreshments including tea/coffee and cake