Funeral Hats

Dressing for a funeral takes careful thought and consideration. Colours such as black, charcoal, deep purple and navy blue are a modest choice but you should steer clear of huge flowers, feathers and shiny embellishments and choose more appropriate decoration such as veiling.


How it works

After making an enquiry, you will be invited for a consultation with Sue Wood Millinery who will talk to you about all-things-millinery and find out what it is you’re looking for and take your measurements.

Once you are happy, Sue will get to work on making your funeral hat and invite you back for a fitting. She will then ensure that it fits you like a glove before finishing off the hat.

After a couple of weeks, your beautifully British design will be complete and ready to take away.


Get in touch

Sue Wood Millinery funeral hats are handmade to order but there is also a selection available to purchase or hire.

If you would like to know more about bespoke mother of the bride hats, feel free to get in touch here, call 07801 970 195 or send an email to to organise your free consultation.

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"I felt happy and confident with the hat I was wearing because it felt comfortable to wear and fitted perfectly.  No fussing and fiddling with it to make it feel secure and no worries about it falling off halfway through the day!" 

Testimonial from Lynne